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We want you to feel confident that Windowbase delivers the depth of information we promise – and Prospect Manager is as easy to use as we say it is. The best way is to have a free trial and we are happy to provide you with a small selection of records.

Just tell us the types of firms you want to target (fabricators, installers or a mix of both), the materials (wood, aluminium or PVC-U or a mix) and which area you would like the sample records to be in. We usually recommend selecting companies very close to where you are based, as you are likely to be familiar with them and can most easily judge the quality and completeness of our information.

There’s also space to add any particular requirements, such as firms using specific systems or products – or companies having an email address or fax number.

To get your FREE trial email us on or fill in the form below:

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    fabricatorsinstallerssupply only

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    North-EastNorth-WestMidlandsSouth-EastSouth-WestScotlandWalesN. Ireland

    How supplied:

    online via Prospect Managerlabels and follow-up sheetslabels only

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    **Sample data is provided on the understanding that the copyright remains with Windowbase at all times, hence it must not be made available to anyone outside your organisation, in any format. This includes not disclosing your Prospect Manager guest login details. During the trial period you can contact firms in the sample data by any available method (ie phone, fax, email or post) but such contact should not be excessive, nor should any material be sent that could potentially cause offence.  At the end of the trial period the sample data must be deleted.

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