What is direct marketing?

It’s where you contact named people on a one to one basis, such as sending personally addressed letters, emails, faxes or ringing named contacts.

Why do I need reliable prospect data?

There are many sources of prospect data but the quality varies considerably. ‘Cheap’ data can be very expensive, if the majority of firms have long-since ceased trading or moved into other markets.

Can’t I just give my sales person a phone book to call from?

Sales people are an expensive asset, unless they are speaking to enough of the right people. Windowbase regularly comes across examples of firms that ceased trading and were taken off Windowbase up to ten years ago but are still listed by popular directories. We also know that many directories are littered with past addresses and phone numbers, where firms have moved (often several times!).

I can collect data from the internet – so why do I need Windowbase?

Many window firms have websites, hence it’s possible to find their details by searching online. But don’t underestimate how long it takes to click into each website, find the ‘contact’ page, write down the details and then copy them into a spreadsheet. There’s a surprisingly high cost involved, never mind the time it takes and the likely mistakes made. Windowbase already has everything you could find on a website – and so much more (not least the MD or proprietor’s name). So rather than wasting time and money looking for prospects, your sales person could be selling to them.

How often can I use Windowbase?

As often as you like, if you subscribe to Prospect Manager. Many of our customers are using it all day, every day. There is no limit to how many times you can send out direct mail or e-shots.

How do I buy Windowbase?

Windowbase is mainly a subscription product, hence you buy a licence to access our data online via Prospect Manager. The minimum subscription period is 12 months but most of our customers have been with us for many years, as they recognise the importance of having continuous access to reliable data. We also sell sets of mailing labels, with or without a separate printed contact lists for telemarketing.

Do I need to pay for the entire database?

No, you only pay for what you need. If your products or services are aimed at a specific segment of the market, such as aluminium fabricators, that’s all you pay for. Just tell us the types of firms you want to target and any geographical restrictions and we will tell you how many prospects there are and what the cost is.

Can I just buy a spreadsheet of data outright?

I’m afraid not. Apart from the fact a spreadsheet would already be out of date within 24 hours of someone having it, the copyright will always rest with Windowbase. Our customers are buying into 25 years of continuous research and that level of investment is unique within the window industry. We’re willing to offer access under licence but not to sell our data outright.

Can I buy just email addresses?

You can subscribe to a selection of records that all have an email address but we do not sell lists of just email addresses. However we do offer an E-shot marketing service, whereby we create and send out e-shots for you. This is available regular subscribers and to customers who buy ad-hoc lists or labels. The latter are charged a usage fee but do not get direct access to any data.

How many Prospect Manager users can I have?

A standard licence covers up to five users. We can add more users for a very small amount.

Can we change records in Prospect Manager?

No – and yes! You can’t change Windowbase data, as this is visible to all users. If you discover a firm has moved, please let us know and we will change the address – once our researchers have verified the details. You can add an extra contact name, phone number and email address to any record and change these whenever you want. This part of a record is confidential to each user, so no one outside your company will see what you add.

Can we add our own records to Prospect Manager?

Not at the moment. It’s something we are looking at for the future, as some users may want to contact companies that fall outside our criteria, such as glaziers or firms that only install.

Can we remove records from Prospect Manager?

No – but it depends on the circumstances. If you come across a firm that has ceased trading or diversified please let us know. Our researchers will look into it and remove the record if necessary. If there are a few specific firms you don’t want to contact within your selection, let us know and we can either show you how to stop them being exported – or we can hide them completely for you.

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